Brain Sync Vol​.​1

by ambiophonic, Crystal/Minds

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This is the premiere binaural beats album on Ambiophonic Records, produced by ambiophonic and Crystal/Minds. This album hosts a spectrum of healing frequencies and tones for your brain and body.

At Crystal/Minds, we produce electronic sound baths to take you deeper into meditation and to induce cellular repair. This album is a reflection of our workshops and monthly Techno Meditation podcasts by Crystal/Minds on Spotify or iTunes. Enjoy this trip and use your headphones for best results.

1e track 'Ancient Knowledge_108Hz':
This track connects you to the secrets of the past and future. It fosters your pineal gland's health with every wave of sound.

2e track 'Brain Food_4,5Hz':
This track is one of our personal favourites. It is the sound we call brain food, because it quiets the mind and feeds the soul. We use this track for our signature Techno Meditation workshops throughout the Netherlands. It is dark and driving, with a techno kick that awakens the force deep within us.

3e track 'Calm Kitten_12Hz':
An inspiration close to our hearts, this track contains the purr of the company kitten, Sambal. There are certain animals on earth that produce a noise that hypnotises you into a state of calm, such as crickets and cats. Sambal brings us daily joy and we wanted to share it with you.

4e track 'Detox_200Hz':
Repair your cells and clean out mental and physical toxins with this minimal techno and hyper gamma production. Leave anything that no longer serves you behind as you enter into a healthier state of being.

5e track 'Epiphanies_40Hz':
Similar to Calm Kitten, this track contains the natural healing frequencies that certain animals produce. In this case, it's crickets. We implore you to do more research on this, it's fascinating- search for 'Cricket Principle'. The 40Hz frequency can relieve fibromyalgia pain, depression, and has even shown reduction in Alzheimer's. We are not doctors - so please be advised that this healing track is not a substitute for medical help. It can however be used in combination with traditional medicine.

6e track 'Flow State_12Hz':
The heartbeat of this track alone is enough to bring your brain into coherence. Mixed with alpha state inducing binaural beats, this track is a great way to center yourself and start your day or a project.

7e track 'Migraine Relief_1.5 Hz':
While this is pretty self- explanatory, the beauty of this track is the way it can soothe your brain. Even if you aren't currently suffering a migraine, if you're feeling stressed from overthinking and you need to unwind, this is perfect for you.

8e track 'Portal to the Void_60 Hz':
This hyper gamma track feels like entering a spaceship. It's ambience reminds us of Interstellar. We can't promise any extraterrestrial communication, but it might bring you into contact with a higher version of yourself.

9e track 'REM Sleep_4Hz'
Can't sleep? We've got you covered with journey drums that will deliver you to the dream state. Inspired by our own bouts of 2am insomnia, this track is your personal sandman shaman.

10e track 'Sacred Cleanse_5 Hz'
Heal your whole body and spirit with this track, inspired by our adventures with plant medicine. This didgeridoo was played by our very own medicine man and helped us to meet ourselves in the cosmos.

11e track 'Techno Meditation_8Hz'
This track was named after our signature workshop and podcast, Techno Meditation. It a joyous meeting of two worlds- the deeply metaphysical and the gritty underground.

12e track 'Transcendental States_40Hz'
Heavenly synths that take you back to the divine within yourself. Great if you are having trouble trusting the future or if you are in a fog of despair. This will rise you up like a phoenix, into steamy skies.

Love, Peace and Healing,
Ambiophonic Records


released March 13, 2020

Credits to:
Artwork - Angie Sunshine from Crystal/Minds
Mixing and Mastering - ambiophonic (Bertin Bom)


all rights reserved



ambiophonic Rotterdam, Netherlands

-Deep techno-

My tracks are a mirror for your soul. What you hear in them is what you're experiencing inside of yourself.

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